Prayer to the Sun’s Light

19 Oct

All during this month, I have been meditating on the life of St. Francis of Assisi. His life so inspired me that when I was younger, I felt called to join the Order of Friars Minor and become a priest. That obviously did not happen (which is a whole other long story). Nonetheless, the spirit of this beloved human being and saint has continued to lay hold of my heart as an inspiration and guide. I continue to turn to him as both my spiritual brother, father and friendly companion.

While looking through my journal today, I ran across a simple prayer that I had jotted down one day last spring. I thought I would share with you. The spirit of this prayer springs from the same creation-centered spirituality that stands as an important hallmark of Franciscan spirituality, where God is understood to be imminently present within Nature and all of her creatures. While my prayer clearly lacks the eloquence of St. Francis “Canticle of the Creatures” (which I shared with you in my previous post), I certainly think that Francis would find in it a kindred spirit. I hope you do the same!

Oh God, how like the sun You are!

I cannot bear to look upon You with the naked eye —

for Your Beauty and Your Glory are too bright!

Today, You glow brightly like a white-hot iron —

but not in the fire,

for You are the Primordial Fire

from which all of the lights —

all of the greater and lesser ones —

have found their light.

While I cannot see the rays which emanate from Your heart,

I can sense your warmth upon my shoulders this day —

a warmth which seeps deep into my soul,

dispelling the chill left by sin and sorrow

and leaving me brimming with so much joy!


One Response to “Prayer to the Sun’s Light”

  1. Basic Joe October 19, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    I’m not sure just why, but while reading this passage I was reminded of a Fogelberg verse, from Nether Lands:

    Off in the Nether Lands I heard the sound
    Like the beating of heavenly wings
    And deep in my brain I can hear a refrain
    Of my soul as she rises and sings
    Anthems to glory and anthems to love
    And hymns filled with earthly delight
    Like the songs that the darkness composes to worship the light

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