Introducing a Series of Advent/Christmas/Winter Solstice Resources

30 Nov

Hi, everyone! I’ve been meaning to get around to write again to for a few days now but I have decided that I would post a series of posts in the spirit of the Advent / Christmas seasons. I won’t be a purist here, avoiding any mixing of Advent and Christmas material. However, think of this as a kind of virtual online Advent Calendar that you can visit. For your edification, you will find spiritual reflections, readings, prayers, music, videos, helpful links, recipes, and even some fun to hopefully help you join me in entering more deeply in the spirit of this blessed time of the year. Since I plan on posting at least once everyday, I will not even try to make everything I post original. That way I can keep up with all I wish to accomplish.  And I’m really going to enjoy this!

I hope you like what you find here enough to visit often, if not daily, for an infusion of grace to brighten your day! Please let me know when you like something I’ve shared through a thumbs up and/or adding your own thoughts through a comment. And you are more than encouraged to share your own related thoughts and reflections as we journey together. As the old song says: “It’s a Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”




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