“For Us” — A Christmas Meditation on the Incarnation

25 Dec

Nativity Panel by Ducio


A Christmas Meditation

by Tom Webber




For us . . .


He who is God

Has become Man.


He who is Power

Has become weak.


He who is Rich

Has become poor.


He who is Creator

Has been created.


He who is Love

Has sought our love.


He who can by give

Has received.


He who is Eternal

Has entered time.


There is not place that He is not,

And yet He is born in obscurity.


He who is Giver

Is our gift.


(c) Thomas C. Webber  1990


To all of my visitors and friends,

I sincerely wish for you peace, happiness, hope and mirth that are the true Christmas blessings we celebrate and receive this day through the birth of new-born Babe, the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!



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