“The Winter Pilgrimage” (a poem of mine)

1 Feb

The Winter Pilgrimage

The winter landscape passed

swiftly, like an author’s preface

to a good novel.

Trees and grass rose grey-on-white

blurred, like a badly erased

master’s drawing.


All this as I was gazing out

a clear stained-glass window

Sitting in the pew of this bus

which sang and hummed

its hymn of plainchant

As we pilgrims sped on

to make the Mass

and celebrate the liturgy of Creation,

donned in its vestments of white.

© Thomas C. Webber  1/20/1990



Note: I realize that it has been over a month since I last posted but, as they say, “life happens”!  (Okay, maybe it is usually put a bit more crassly than that!) Inspired by the blizzard we are presently experiencing, I decided to dig deep into the coffers of my writings and finally pulled out a poem I wrote over 20 years ago while taking a bunch of youth up north into Michigan on a ski trip. This piece is one that I count among the best that I have to offer. It is certainly one of my personal favorites, and one that I believe almost rises to the level of deserving to be called “poetry,” a term I do not throw around lightly!  I do hope that you enjoyed reading it!

Your comments and feedback, as always are welcome and cherished!


Texas Tom (aka Tom Webber)


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