REFLECTION: Two bishops dialogue with peace activists

11 Dec

This inspiring article prophetic gathering by two heroic Roman Catholic bishops and twenty Catholic peace activists deserves a wide airing. Please read, reflect, and then reblog/share!


Tony Maglianoby Tony Magliano

During the U.S. Catholic bishops’ Nov. 11-14 General Assembly in Baltimore, two bishops took time to share a simple supper – soup and bread – and dialogue with about 20 Catholic social justice and peace activists, including myself.

On the evening of Nov. 12, several blocks away from the Waterfront Marriott Hotel, where the bishops were meeting, Archbishop Joseph Tobin of Indianapolis and Bishop John Michael Botean head of the Romanian Catholic Eparchy (diocese) of St. George in Canton, Ohio sat down with us to dialogue about war making, peacemaking, poverty and military chaplains in light of the teachings of the compassionate, nonviolent Jesus.

In the basement of historic St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Martha Hennessy, a granddaughter of Dorothy Day said, “Based on my understanding of my grandmother’s life, I would conclude that priests should not serve in the military, as one cannot serve Christ…

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Words from Nelson Mandela

6 Dec


New Series of Advent Video Reflections

5 Dec

I’d like to pass on this example from a new series of Advent video reflections that feature the beautiful artwork of Brother Mickey McGrath. The promise is that a new reflection will be posted each day throughout the Advent season. The focus of this particular video is his painting “The Annunciation.” Enjoy, be inspired, and you are certainly encouraged to share this!

ADVENT 2013: Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent, December 8

3 Dec

I’m passing this Advent Reflection courtesy of the Pax Christi site.



By Mary Jo Leddy

Isaiah 11:1-10 | Romans 15:4-9 | Matthew 3:1-12

The Dawning of Desire

Although the sun rises every morning, the dawning of salvation is less certain. Such a dawning is both a gift of God and the fruit of our efforts.

A new world of justice and peace dawns first in our hearts as a desire to live beyond the darkness.


For some, this desire emerges as a parental hope for a better life for future generations. For others, this desire is the unseen ground of a determined resolve to move beyond the socially assigned roles of victim or oppressor. Then there are those who whose desire is set free as they hear a word of truth uttered in the dark deceptions of the moment.

Advent is that season in our lives when we face the choice between acquiescing to the darkness or acting on our own desire…

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“Autumn Leaves Do Not Shiver” (new original poem)

11 Nov


“Autumn Leaves Do Not Shiver”

Autumn leaves do not shiver when they fall
but leap like little lads of yesteryear
who, when boisterously barrelling into a pond like tiny cannonballs,
and making their splash into water lilies,
never gave a damn about how far it is to the bottom.
For them, “tis the leap that counts,” after all!

No — these leaves do not shiver when they fall:
To fall is their call, after all!

How else are leaves to parade their fiery blaze of color,
that treasure hidden long before
under the zesty, green garments of Spring?

Ah — but it is WE who shiver —
(or rather, are SHAKEN out of complicity)
as we watch (this spectacle) and wonder IF —
when our time comes to leap:
will we likewise loosen our grip
that we might free fall under Winter’s magic spell
and finally promenade — with one last hurrah —
our own triumphant splash of exultant color?

(c) Thomas C. Webber 11/11/2013

“The Great I AM” (a brief poem)

25 Oct


The great I Am
Of all that is.

Each IS
As He IS

Though we
Might not
See IT
Such as
It IS.

(c) Thomas C. Webber 4/16/2013

“The New Day Greets Me” (original poem)

17 Oct

sunrise over misty rolling hills

The New Day Greets Me

The new day greets me like a middle-eastern girl —
A young Bedouin virgin, enshrouded in mystery.

A single amber eye peers out to charm
And beckons me from behind the cerulean veil
Which drapes and falls over her woolen green robe,
Revealing barely a hint of her rolling beauty and form.

Oh how I find myself ineluctably drawn to follow
With hopes of savoring her promised delight!

By Thomas C. Webber

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