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A Creed For Disenfranchized Chiristians And Disillusioned Spiritual Seekers

3 Jan
Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase


“God is not a belief-system.
Jesus is not a religion.
The good news is not a ticket to Heaven.
Church is not an address.
The Bible is not a book of doctrines.
Transformation is not behavior modification.
Community is not a meeting.
Grace has no exceptions.
Ministry is not a program.
Art is not carnal.
Women are not inferior.
Our humanity is not the enemy.
Sinner is not our identity.
Love is not a theory.
Peace is not a circumstance.
Science is not secular.
Sex is not filthy.
The herelife is not a warm-up for the afterlife.
The world is not without hope.
There is no “us” and “them.”
Tattoos are not evil.
Loving the earth is not satanic.
Seeing the divine in all things is not heretical.
Self-actualization is not self-worship.
Feelings are not dangerous and unreliable.
The mind is not infallible.”

– Jim Palmer

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“Thoughts Arise Like Mountains”: A Poem for Meditation

30 Sep

If you practice any form of meditation or quiet prayer, you will continually struggle with the question of what to do with thoughts, feelings, emotions or memories as they arise, especially if they are strong or afflictive. The temptation is to quickly try to suppress them, which is an exercise in futility. Yesterday I wrote this little ditty as a gentle reminder to myself of what to do. Please let me know your own thoughts and experience.

“Thoughts Arise Like Mountains”

Thoughts arise
like mountains, moving;

Circumvent them not, 
troublesome or soothing.

See; not judge
as friend or foe.

Just see the Knower 
in the Know.

(c) Thomas C. Webber. 9/29/2010

Thomas Merton Quote: A Guide to the Perplexed

24 Sep

Here is a short spiritual aphorism from Thomas Merton that I am mulling over this day, a day when the swelling tide of life makes me feel as if I am being tossed about:

“God makes us ask ourselves questions most often

when he intends to resolve them.

He gives us needs that He alone can satisfy

and awakens capacities that He means to fulfill.

Any perplexity is liable to be a spiritual gestation,

leading to a new birth and mystical generation.”

— Thomas Merton from his “Signs of Jonas”