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An Anniversary Poem by Tom Webber

3 Nov
You can find out more about Tom & Barb's music by visiting their website: www.fairwebberfolkmusic.com

You can find out more about Tom & Barb Webber’s music by visiting their website: http://www.fairwebberfolkmusic.com

To Barb: An Anniversary Poem

I love you this moment
This small moment —
One drop of the tide of moments
That make the ocean of our life together.

We cannot know its distant shore
‘Though it seems we are on a long journey
On this tiny vessel we call “marriage”.
We do not know whence our journey first began
Nor when we will one day land.
(But we do have this one moment!)

We do not know its depths,
Nor what peril lies ahead.
But we feel the high tides
And the low ebbs
As we ride the crest of this moment along
To some unseen shore past the horizon.

What really does it matter?
This moment is all I have to give you.
For the ocean would be so much less
Were it diminished drop by drop.

So I love you this moment
And give you this moment.
Perhaps the ocean is in this single drop of time.

(c) Thomas C. Webber, November 1990

My wife Barb and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary today! It has been a wonderful journey together so far, and I am looking forward to all the years we will share in the future. We have filled it with a simple but full life centered on family (we have four lovely children) and our shared love of music which we have been performing together since the late 80s.

I wrote the poem above to commemorate our first anniversary together, and I shared it again with Barb in a homemade card. The message, I believe, will never lose its meaning for me. I share it you, my reader, with the hope that it might likewise speak to your journey of love.






“The New Day Greets Me” (original poem)

17 Oct

sunrise over misty rolling hills

The New Day Greets Me

The new day greets me like a middle-eastern girl —
A young Bedouin virgin, enshrouded in mystery.

A single amber eye peers out to charm
And beckons me from behind the cerulean veil
Which drapes and falls over her woolen green robe,
Revealing barely a hint of her rolling beauty and form.

Oh how I find myself ineluctably drawn to follow
With hopes of savoring her promised delight!

By Thomas C. Webber

“Bluer Than Blue” (original poem)

16 Oct


“Bluer Than Blue”

As the harvest moon peers behind shudders
of mist-blown clouds on this autumn night,
watching, as I hear the distant rumble of your train
with its lonesome whistle piercing the silence of my solitude.
I am startled out of my drunken stupor and tears shed
through a thousand seasons of regret.

And I am left to ponder:
Is this the final depot of your long journey?
And will you be waiting, weary of your load,
ready now to take to my arms if I come for you?
If not, that celestial spy will surely know
what I am . . . bluer than blue.

By Tom Webber
Tuesday, September 7, 2010

“Winter Thoughts” (A poem)

7 Feb

“Winter Thoughts”

Thoughts melt like feelings
One by one
Like sifted-flour snowflakes
Dissolved by the warm ground
Of Earth Mother
Who receives all prodigal children
Back in her arms
Never questioning from whence they came.

Yes, I melt in Mother’s arms
(Bedecked as she is
In star-studded indigo and glistening gold)
Absent not only of feelings
But all thought as well.

(c) Thomas C. Webber 2/7/2013


“Thoughts Arise Like Mountains”: A Poem for Meditation

30 Sep

If you practice any form of meditation or quiet prayer, you will continually struggle with the question of what to do with thoughts, feelings, emotions or memories as they arise, especially if they are strong or afflictive. The temptation is to quickly try to suppress them, which is an exercise in futility. Yesterday I wrote this little ditty as a gentle reminder to myself of what to do. Please let me know your own thoughts and experience.

“Thoughts Arise Like Mountains”

Thoughts arise
like mountains, moving;

Circumvent them not, 
troublesome or soothing.

See; not judge
as friend or foe.

Just see the Knower 
in the Know.

(c) Thomas C. Webber. 9/29/2010