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“Autumn Leaves Do Not Shiver” (new original poem)

11 Nov


“Autumn Leaves Do Not Shiver”

Autumn leaves do not shiver when they fall
but leap like little lads of yesteryear
who, when boisterously barrelling into a pond like tiny cannonballs,
and making their splash into water lilies,
never gave a damn about how far it is to the bottom.
For them, “tis the leap that counts,” after all!

No — these leaves do not shiver when they fall:
To fall is their call, after all!

How else are leaves to parade their fiery blaze of color,
that treasure hidden long before
under the zesty, green garments of Spring?

Ah — but it is WE who shiver —
(or rather, are SHAKEN out of complicity)
as we watch (this spectacle) and wonder IF —
when our time comes to leap:
will we likewise loosen our grip
that we might free fall under Winter’s magic spell
and finally promenade — with one last hurrah —
our own triumphant splash of exultant color?

(c) Thomas C. Webber 11/11/2013


Poem to Accompany My Painting of My Son John

21 Feb

This afternoon I wrote the following poem as I was thinking about my teenage son John along with a painting I did of him not long ago.

Poem to Accompany My Painting of John

Stepping forth from the Shadow of Innocence
There emerges the bare outlines of a Man
With a surety, tempered by cautious weariness —

Forged on this Silver Soul’s great anvil
by Life’s Forty Lashes —
Those borne by Everyman before Him —
Though These Lashes being his Alone.
His alone —
Yes His a Loan from Us.

For these Stripes He Bore
First for His Healing,
That He might become For Us,
A Wounded Healer

And Singer of Joviality —
Of the Silent Music that Strikes the Chord
That Binds Heaven and Earth.

(c) Thomas C. Webber 2/21/2013


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