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“Peace on Earth” – Classic MGM Christmas Cartoon

23 Dec

Peace On Earth. Classic Christmas cartoon. MGM 1939. Anti-war.

Here is my early Christmas gift to all of my friends and visitors to this blog. I hope you take the 8 1/2 minutes to watch this extraordinary classic cartoon. It is distinguished as being the only cartoon to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I would describe this as a post-apocalyptic, dystopian-yet-utopian tale that presents the true meaning of the peace associated with the Christmas story in a manner that makes it still as relevant today as it was when it was first released, back in 1939. Think of it as an extended meditation on the twin themes of the “peaceable kingdom” and “turning swords into plowshares” that figure so prominently in the Book of Isaiah; two themes which serve as a backdrop to the story of the first Christmas found in the Gospels of Mathhew and Luke. What is ironic and sad is that this cartoon’s powerful anti-war message was largely forgotten or ignored just two years later when the USA entered the throes of WWII.

I post this now as we enter into this year’s Christmas season in hope that perhaps the message of this cartoon may engender in some people a reconsideration of the subversive but much needed message of Christmas: of the power of non-violent love that was incarnated in the coming of the Christ child some 2000 years ago. As we reflect on the sorrow, injustice and violence that plague our world right now, it should be clear that we need this cartoon’s simple message of peace and hope even more today.

I would love to have you post your reactions and thoughts here once you enjoy this heartwarming cartoon and ruminate over its message. And you are certainly encouraged to share or re-post this!

Merry Christmas and “Peace to All People of Good Will!!!”



“Winter Thoughts” (A poem)

7 Feb

“Winter Thoughts”

Thoughts melt like feelings
One by one
Like sifted-flour snowflakes
Dissolved by the warm ground
Of Earth Mother
Who receives all prodigal children
Back in her arms
Never questioning from whence they came.

Yes, I melt in Mother’s arms
(Bedecked as she is
In star-studded indigo and glistening gold)
Absent not only of feelings
But all thought as well.

(c) Thomas C. Webber 2/7/2013


Signs of Life Amidst the Trash: A Lenten Meditation

9 Mar

An entry from my journal (March 19, 2009):

It is curious to me how today

I am drawn to a solitary piece of trash

amongst all the beauty that surrounds me

in this tiny cove in which I find myself

on this late winter day.

Here I find myself staring at my feet

at the remnant of a dirty, white, plastic bag

wrapped around umber shoots

that spring from the ground.

The snow-laden landscape,

with its dry grasses, branches and barren trees,

are all painted in varying shades of sienna,

off-white, gray and black.

And yet, I find quiet beauty

in what otherwise utters the hushed, unspoken word

of “death.”


But there is that trash —

shivering sheepishly

in the chill of this late winter breeze

as it clings to and peers from behind

stalks of dried shoots,

as if playing hide-and-seek.


But as I look closer still, I notice,

almost as an afterthought,

or better, a surprise,

inconspicuous signs of life

as tiny patches of green grass

come peering through

amidst the barren rubble.


In this season of Lent,

as I seek to empty myself

of sin and self

through acts of love and prayer,

tiny signs of God’s grace

are sure to be revealed to me

here and there.

There is resurrection amongst sin and death.



(c) Thomas C. Webber 3/19/2009

“The Winter Pilgrimage” (a poem of mine)

1 Feb

The Winter Pilgrimage

The winter landscape passed

swiftly, like an author’s preface

to a good novel.

Trees and grass rose grey-on-white

blurred, like a badly erased

master’s drawing.


All this as I was gazing out

a clear stained-glass window

Sitting in the pew of this bus

which sang and hummed

its hymn of plainchant

As we pilgrims sped on

to make the Mass

and celebrate the liturgy of Creation,

donned in its vestments of white.

© Thomas C. Webber  1/20/1990



Note: I realize that it has been over a month since I last posted but, as they say, “life happens”!  (Okay, maybe it is usually put a bit more crassly than that!) Inspired by the blizzard we are presently experiencing, I decided to dig deep into the coffers of my writings and finally pulled out a poem I wrote over 20 years ago while taking a bunch of youth up north into Michigan on a ski trip. This piece is one that I count among the best that I have to offer. It is certainly one of my personal favorites, and one that I believe almost rises to the level of deserving to be called “poetry,” a term I do not throw around lightly!  I do hope that you enjoyed reading it!

Your comments and feedback, as always are welcome and cherished!


Texas Tom (aka Tom Webber)

Psalm of Icy Awareness

12 Dec

A Psalm of Icy Awareness

The earth around my home
is now locked in a winter wrap
of bone-chilling snow and ice.

Water, once clear and liquid,
a joyous, flowing community,
is now frozen into crystals of ice.

Recently in humanity’s long history
there has arisen an isolation,
a separation of those who share
common human flesh and bone.

While once upon a time we gathered joyfully
in families, tribes and clans,
we now so often live divorced
from earth and from each other,
with loneliness as our only company.
All isolation is ice-olation,
frigid to human flesh,
cold and lifeless to the touch,
untrue to our most basic unity, community.

And whenever I act single-handedly,
apart from an awareness of my sisters and brothers,
I become a deformed, divine disciple.

And tribeless, O God, how can I tread the path
that you have designed as companion course?
Ah, the wisdom, so divine,
in your Genesis words,
spoken to perfectly made, fully automated Adam,
“It is not good for one to be alone.”

From Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim by Ed Hays

Some Favorite Winter-Themed Cartoons: In Celebration of Our First Milwauke Blizzard!

12 Dec

Yes, we are getting our first decent snow here in Milwaukee. Being a life-long fan of classic cartoons and animation, I thought it would be fun the last couple of days to watch some cartoons on YouTube. There are a number of them that I thought would be worth sharing with my blog visitors. I hope you like them!


UPDATE:  Okay, I succumbed to the local TV news. We didn’t get a blizzard but a high winds turning our little bit of snow into ice. I guess the wind chill is as low as 35 degrees below.  Brrrrrrrrr!!! I still think sitting back comfortably and watching a cartoon or two (or more!) is just the ticket for today!!!

Keep warm!


Introducing a Series of Advent/Christmas/Winter Solstice Resources

30 Nov

Hi, everyone! I’ve been meaning to get around to write again to for a few days now but I have decided that I would post a series of posts in the spirit of the Advent / Christmas seasons. I won’t be a purist here, avoiding any mixing of Advent and Christmas material. However, think of this as a kind of virtual online Advent Calendar that you can visit. For your edification, you will find spiritual reflections, readings, prayers, music, videos, helpful links, recipes, and even some fun to hopefully help you join me in entering more deeply in the spirit of this blessed time of the year. Since I plan on posting at least once everyday, I will not even try to make everything I post original. That way I can keep up with all I wish to accomplish.  And I’m really going to enjoy this!

I hope you like what you find here enough to visit often, if not daily, for an infusion of grace to brighten your day! Please let me know when you like something I’ve shared through a thumbs up and/or adding your own thoughts through a comment. And you are more than encouraged to share your own related thoughts and reflections as we journey together. As the old song says: “It’s a Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”



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